Beauty Devices

The most innovative skin care doesn't come in a bottle or a jar—it has an electrical cord. At Minerva Aesthetics, we stock a wide selection of professional beauty salon equipment and are also happy to offer beauty gadgets that have doctor’s-office technology, efficiency and real data to back them up, but can be used in a comfort of your own home or while you are at work.

We closely work with a few companies enabling us an access to the most efficient technologies used in beauty and aesthetic industry:

- Swiss4med who is a market leader in the field of engineering, manufacture, distribution and assistance for medical devices for human and veterinary use. The systems are manufactured using highly innovative technologies, such as hydroelectrophoresis, magnetotherapy and carboxytherapy

- Lifetrons Switzerland - brand is known worldwide for unique electronics, beauty essentials and travel accessories. Distinctive in both exceptional style and extraordinary portability, they design and deliver a wide range of beauty devices for home use according to the traditional Swiss standards of high quality design, reliability and innovation. Their award-winning products can be found onboard over 130 different airlines, in over 65 duty free airport shops and many retail shops worldwide

- Japan Bio Products – the world leader in placental extracts. One of the aspects of their business is manufacturing of electroporation and iontophoresis equipment for beauty salons and spas

- Mesotech - a cosmetic laboratory with over 20 years of experience in research, developement and manufacturing of skincare solution who invented the Motion Roller, the ultimate and first skin needling device to dispose of a built-in seat for nebulizer and pneumatic atomizer integrated.

If you are interested in a complete range of regularly stocked equipment, please email us.