A.G.E. Stop Switzerland

A.G.E. Stop Switzerland is a premium Swiss Skin Care brand with a mission to bring you Beautiful Skin for Life!

A.G.E. Stop is developed and produced in the French part of Switzerland. Based on the revolutionary discovery of Swiss Snow Algae and pioneering Plant Stem Cell research, it represents the very latest development in anti-aging science.

World-renowned Swiss know-how and exceptional French flair for beauty is translated into truly unique anti-aging skincare products that help you to achieve fast, measurable results through innovative ingredients and luxurious textures, meticulously crafted to perfection and presented in a sophisticated easy to use packaging.

A.G.E. Stop is a result-oriented skincare collection. It was specially developed to combat visible signs of aging and includes some of the world`s most exclusive and highly sought after award-winning active ingredients such as PhytoCellTec™ and Snow Algae Powder™. These ingedients are exclusive to A.G.E. Stop.
PhytoCellTec™ has been internationally recognised as the Key to Age Reversal.

It is a liposomal phyto-ingredient based on a combination of plant stem cells from Swiss Edelweiss, Alpine Rose and High-Alpine Nunatak - a flower with exceptional life force, having survived the last ice age by growing on the mountain peaks of Swiss Alps.

Extensive studies have been performed on PhytoCellTec™ Nunatak® to show an amazing regenerative effect on human dermal cells despite UV radiation. This protective effect led to increase in skin's elasticity, firmness and density, younger and healthier appearance and improved resistance to harsh environmental conditions.

In summertime, perpetual snow fields on Swiss Alps are tinged with a colour that is a mixture of red and pink. This incredible phenomenon is caused by snow algae. Snow algae are able to survive the extreme conditions of alpine and polar snow fields. They even have the unique ability to actively live at a temperature of 0 °C with very low nutrient levels. Conversely, most other plants in these conditions either reduce their metabolic activities or die.

Following years of research and testing Swiss scientists were able to prove that the valuable stress response of the molecules produced by the algae in these extreme environmental conditions can protect the youthfulness of the skin, so they developed a totally new ingredient Snow Algae Powder™ that has been internationally recognised as the Key to Skin's Longevity.

Snow Algae Powder™ is highly innovative in many respects: it represents a new source of raw materials which in conjunction with a state-of-the-art biotechnology creates an entirely new anti-aging approach. Furthermore, the results of tests prove that this active ingredient is not only innovative but also highly effective: clinical studies have shown that snow algae powder improves the dermal and epidermal papillary structure of the skin, making it feel rejuvenated and toned while allowing it to regain its elasticity.

A.G.E. Stop products are clinically proven and dermatologically tested.

Minerva Aesthetics currently stocks the following products:

- Snow Algae + Bio-Stem Cells Perfecting Concentrate
- Snow Algae + Oxygen Fusion Fresh Glow Sleeping Mask
- Snow Algae + Royal Epigen P5 Perfecting Concentrate
- Snow Algae + Bio Mimetic Peptides 24 Hrs Day/Night Cream

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