Laboratoires Filorga

Filorga, the innovative range from Paris, offers an extensive range of high performance anti-aging products and treatments that originate directly from the aesthetic field. All the products are world-class, developed by a scientific committee of internationally renowned experts - biologists, dermatologists, cosmetologists – and used by leading aesthetic practitioners in over 60 countries.

The range caters for both the beauty conscious modern woman and beauty salons and spas.

Laboratoires Filorga of France was established in 1931. Throughout the years, Filorga conducted a lot of extensive researches, during one of which scientists discovered the effects of the regeneration of live cells. As a result, the method of cellular therapy was invented. Later, scientists turned the live cells into a form of skincare treatment that could not only improve the appearance of a person, but also enhance the vitality of the entire body, regulate the endocrine system, enhance the metabolism and make a person feel young from within. After the restoration of the physiological functions, it could counteract skin sagginess, wrinkles and freckles.

This finding was Filorga’s anti-aging breakthrough that lead to a launch of another advanced research program on skin anti-aging. Its objective was to better understand the process of skin aging and counter it with a therapy of complementary anti-aging techniques to effectively treat wrinkles, lack of skin firmness and radiance.

As pioneers in this field, Filorga used the results of the research as a foundation for developing products that can treat aging process, such as:

- Extensive anti-aging cosmetics/skincare range for home use as well as professional
- Poly-revitalizing complex NCTF® used during anti-aging dermarolling sessions at home or in a beauty spa
- Glycolic peels Filorga Time Peel, Filorga Bright Peel and Filorga Light Peel safe for DIY peeling sessions.

While dermarolling and general skincare treatments can reduce the appearance of wrinkles, skin peels are another way to improve the look of the aging skin. At Minerva Aesthetics we stock the following Filorga peels:

- Filorga Bright Peel that contains Phytic acid, Citric acid, Gluconolactone and Glycolic acid. Phytic and Citric acids target dark spots while Gluconolactone and Glycolic acid fight wrinkles and dull skin. So if you suffer from hyperpigmentation and early signs of aging, you will benefit from getting a treatment with Filorga Bright Peel because after the treatment you get a more even skin tone with less visible wrinkles and dark spots. Filorga Bright Peel works by gradually peeling away the top layers of skin which stimulates new cell growth, and these new cells should be less damaged by sun exposure and aging.

- Filorga Light Peel which is indicated for sensitive skin. It contains Mandelic acid and was designed to be an effective skin peel while still gentle for those with sensitive skin. Usually Filorga Light Peel is used as an anti-aging treatment, reducing the appearance of fine lines, so it would help to treat first signs of aging. It is suitable for those who have a dull complexion and want to gain more radiant skin. However, it is not recommended for people with darker skin because it could cause uneven-looking patches of skin. If you are not yet ready for cosmetic mesotherapy, Filorga Light Peel offers a less-invasive option that can reduce fine lines. It has little downtime and can be performed over a lunch break, allowing your skin to gradually peel away the dull, dead skin cells and promote the growth of new cells.

- Filorga Time Peel. It helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles while helping your skin appear more radiant. It contains Glycolic acid and Gluconolactone. Their combination gradually lifts layers of dull, dead skin cells while encouraging the growth of new skin cells.

One set of Filorga peel contains approximately 40 treatments.

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