Japan Bio Products

Japan Bio Products Co Ltd first established in 1954 as a company based in Japan that specialises in manufacturing products using placenta from the mother’s womb.

Placenta is the life source that enables new life to grow and transform from embryo to fetus. It also controls signals of gene information to make new cells. The placenta plays a significant role in the regeneration of cells.

Placenta derived from mammalian species including humans, equine and porcine is used by JBP in the form of anti-aging products. JBP are now a world leader in placenta utilisation, with offices in Zurich too.

JBP are well known for manufacturing and selling placental cosmetics and supplements.

Elements, containing in the placenta:

- Amino Acids - essence of life that have various physiological functions
- Proteins - nutrients that builds a person’s body
- Carbohydrates - energy source that maintains the structure of cells
- Vitamins - a group of organic compounds which are essential for normal growth and nutrition
- Nucleic Acids - a complex organic substance that helps to restore genes
- Biologally Active Peptides which represent a central element of placenta demonstrating a medicinal effect
- Lipids and Fatty Acids - the important materials needed for production of cells
- Mucopolysaccharides - elements that helps to connect the cells and suppress inflammation
- Minerals - elements that paly various roles such as the adjustment of blood and biological fluids, etc
- Enzymes - elements that assist with a chemical reaction in vivo.

All placentas are rigorously screened prior to their utilisation. Viral and bacterial tests are carried out and the donor is also screened for negativity of HIV virus, HCV and HBV; also treponema pallidum, gonorrhea, TB.

JBP’s placenta market share is about 80%. The JBP product range is extensive and includes cosmetics, supplements, beauty equipment and plenty of other products.

At Minerva Aesthetics we now stock the following cosmetic products:

- GHC Repairing Cream
- GHC Placental 3D Mask with CoQ10
- GHC Essential Shield
- GHC Essence
- GHC y-Force
- GHC UV Protector SPF50 PA+++
- GHC Diamant Youth Activator
- Curacen Essence
- Laennec PO Human Placenta supplements
- Laennec PO Porcine Placenta supplements
- Laennec PO Equine Placenta supplements
- Ionophoresis/Virtual mesotherapy equipement

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