Lifetrons Switzerland

The Lifetrons Switzerland brand is known worldwide for unique electronics, beauty essentials and travel accessories.

Distinctive in both exceptional style and extraordinary portability, Lifetrons Switzerland design and deliver a wide range of products according to the traditional Swiss standards of high quality design, reliability and innovation. Their award winning products can be found onboard over 130 different airlines, in over 65 duty free airport shops and many retail shops worldwide.

At Minerva Aesthetics we stock a range of the most popular and efficient beauty devices, such as:

- Eye Rejuvenator with Radio Frequency, Ion & Heat Therapy
- Photon Facial Treatment with Microcurrents & Light Therapy
- Thermal Facial Lift with Radio Frequency Energy
- Ultra Facial Lift & Cleanser with Ultrasonic & Ion Technology
- Ultrasonic Cleanser with Ion & EMS Lifting Technology
- Microdermabrasion Facial - Anti-Acne & Skin Resurfacing
- Icy Hot Facial - Skin Restoration with Ion Technology
- 3-in-1 Thermal Massager - Designed for Full Body Use

More products will be added as we continue promoting the fabulous beauty devices manufactured by Lifetrons Switzerland

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