Minerva Aesthetics is proud to offer a good supply of supplements from the latest innovations in nutritional beauty supplements that target skin health, weight loss, hair loss and even eye strength through to on trend 100% Human Placental Extract with unique technology and safety protocol backed by research and studies that have been published in medical journals and presented at congress and suitable for consumption at home or on the go.

Supplement brands regularly in-stock include:

- Celludren by Mesotech
- Ideal Weight by Mesotech
- HS anti-DHT by Mesotech
- JBP Laennec PO Porcine placenta
- JBP Laennec PO Equine placenta
- JBP Laennec PO Human placenta
- JBP Alifter
- The IBSA Viscoderm Pearls

To receive a full list of available supplements and for price enquiries, please email us.